Tanjore Paintings Online

Tanjore Paintings Online

About Tanjore Painting

A crucial insight into the living cultural legacy of Thanjavur!

Thanjavur, a city 220 Km away from Chennai, has an impactful history and is also a booming centre of architecture and art throughout history. Among its artistic culture and history is Tanjore painting which originated in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu in the 17th century.

These beautiful panel paintings are done originally on wooden panels and are covered in gold and glittery foils and stones to give the painting a 3D effect. These paintings generally depict scriptures and epics from Hindu mythology.

These beautiful paintings will be a great addition to any wall or room of your home and office spaces. Check out the available Tanjore paintings for sale with Sargah and get the best deals on authentic paintings!

History of Tanjore Painting

Tanjore Paintings: A perfect example of rural purity, humility and devotion!

Originating in Thanjavur, a district in Tamil Nadu, Tanjore paintings have contributed hugely to the Indian art style. The Tanjore paintings have their roots in the Mural artwork of the Vijayanagara Empire.

Initially, this art form decorated the walls and doors of temples, homes and palaces in Thanjavur. Even today, these paintings are present on the walls of temples and some palaces. These paintings depicted battle victories, coronations and king’s achievements when done on the interior walls of a palace. However, the art on the walls of homes or temples depicted Hindu deities and had religious themes. The art form has certainly evolved in the past years. Platforms like Sargah enable this art form to reach a wider audience. You can also now buy Tanjore paintings online from Sargah and get them delivered to your home!

What Makes Tanjore Painting So Special?

Handcrafted by skilled artists of Thanjavur, Tanjore Paintings are exquisite investments!

Rich In Tradition

With Tanjore paintings, the artisans of south India have kept their culture alive!

Tanjore’s paintings beautifully depict the lively and traditional culture of south India. The use of gold foils and stones makes it a valuable art piece. Now, do not look around for authentic and affordable Tanjore paintings. Book your artwork at Sargah at the most affordable Tanjore paintings cost.

Valuable Art

Adding gold foils makes Tanjore painting a valuable asset!

In Tanjore paintings, 22-24 karat gold foils and stones give a 3D effect to them.  Although this increases the Tanjore painting price, it also makes it quite valuable and heavy at the same time.

Perfect For Everywhere

Tanjore paintings add a vibrant and uncommon look to walls!

With its vibrant yet soothing look, a Tanjore painting can change the aesthetics of the wall it is put up. Thus, making it suitable for all the walls and rooms of your house. So, order a Tanjore painting online today with Sargah and get it delivered soon!

Tanjore Painting Technique

A unique and precise process of creating paintings with gold foils!

When you look at a Tanjore painting, you will feel like you are viewing a 3D image in a 2D medium. These paintings use a process called embossing, with raised patterns created on the surface using gold leaves.

To begin, artists choose a structure required for painting using different layers of starboards and wood stuck together. A muslin cloth is covered on this frame, and a paste made of tamarind is smeared on the surface.

Next, rough sketches are illustrated with coal on the canvas that is created. Over this, makku is spread to create elevated patterns. Gold foil, stones, and glass pieces are stuck on these patterns. Then, the artist will use different colour strokes on the painting per the chosen colour palette.

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Why Should You Buy Handmade Tanjore Painting from Sargah?

Authenticity, affordability and accuracy define Sargah the best!

Different Payment Options

Pay as you want!

At Sargah, we are offering you multiple payment options that you can choose from depending on your convenience. You can use a digital payment wallet or a credit/debit card to check out.

Secure Shopping

A reliable and secure shopping experience for all!

At Sargah, we follow a strict data and information policy and ensure your information is private. Moreover, we enable secure and safe payment methods to ensure safer checkouts and 99% uptime.

Affordable Prices

Get authentic products at affordable prices!

At Sargah, we work on providing our clients with authentic and original work only and that too at very affordable prices. Traverse through our collection of genuine paintings and get the best deal at a minimum Tanjore painting price.


  • What are the accepted payment methods?

At Sargah, we allow different payment options to pay for the artwork. These payment options include debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and UPI.

  • What if I don’t like the work?

If you don’t like the artwork sent, you can return it to us by packing it properly. However, know that you can return the artwork only within 30 days. Post that, no refunds or exchanges will be entertained.

  • How do I tell the difference between good and bad art? Are there ways to recognize quality artwork?

Although there is no particular method to know if an artwork is good or bad, you can still focus on the painting techniques and the artist’s viewpoint.

  • Why are Tanjore paintings expensive?

Tanjore paintings’ cost is always on the higher side as these artworks are made using 24 karat gold foils. The usage of gold is what makes it more expensive than the other types of artworks.

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