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Oil Paintings Online

About Oil Painting

Oil paintings: The oldest and most popular form of art!

A mix of drying oil and regular paint is used in oil paintings to innovate a masterpiece with high-spirited colours and patterns. Oils lend a glossy and polished look to the artwork, which enhances the beauty of offices, galleries, homes, and hotels.

A fantastic attribute of oil painting is its spatial and expressive features, which make even the smallest part of the painting life-like.

So, if you are a fan of art, you can also get your oil paintings delivered to your home. Check out our gallery online and order oil paintings online in India and internationally anytime.

History of Oil Painting

The world of art is incomplete without oil paintings!

According to many sources, oil painting was discovered by the dutch brothers, Hubert and Jan van Eyck. The fact is true to some extent since they motivated other Dutch artists to incorporate oil paint into their artwork.

However, by the 16th century, oil paints became a favoured painting medium, especially in Italy and Venice. Later, advancements in techniques and methods used to construct oil paintings made them more affordable and modern-looking. The traditional glaze strokes transformed into firm strokes.

If you are also looking for a modern-looking and vibrant oil painting for your space, do not forget to check out our oil paintings on canvas for sale to get the best deals at the best prices.

Why Buy Oil Paintings?

Add a distinct edge to your home with an oil painting!

Oil paintings have become a top choice for art lovers and connoisseurs who love to make stylish, extraordinary and offbeat choices.

Ancient Oil Painting

These oil paintings describe history most appealingly and fascinatingly. Not only are these oil paintings trendy, but they are also expensive. Although oil paintings cost a premium in India, the real value of oil painting is beyond that.

Popular Paintings

When it comes to upgrading the beauty of a home with modern art, everyone’s first choice is the oil painting landscape. Depending on your taste, preference, and home decor, oil paintings have an assortment of options available.


Are you looking for an oil painting for your office, studio, home, living room, or gallery? No matter where you put the painting, it will suit every corner of your home or working space.

Different Oil Painting Techniques

Every canvas has its own story to tell!

Similarly, every oil painting has its technique to create perfection using texture and colours.

  • Chiaroscuro: When you need drama, this is the technique we use. This technique is brilliant for creating a 3D illusion and developing a perfect contrast between dark and light.
  • Scumbling: The Scumbling technique adds a layer or dimension to your painting. In this technique, a dry and stiff brush is used to apply thin layers of paint on the canvas.
  • Impasto: It is a technique that requires a lot of practice and patience. It involves using deliberate brush strokes with thick paint, so every mark on the canvas is visible in the final painting.

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Why Should You Buy Oil Paintings Online from Sargah?

Explore the wide range of oil paintings online in India available at Sargah and get them delivered to you!

Multiple Payment Methods

You choose how you wish to pay!

We allow you to use multiple payment methods to check out at the website and pay for your chosen artwork. These include UPI, net banking, debit cards and credit cards.

Safe Packaging

We deliver your products safely to you!

Packed in an MDF box, butter paper and bubble wrap, we ensure your product reaches you safely. So, you need not worry about getting your artwork damaged during delivery.  

Huge Inventory

Sargah covers an extensive range of artwork, from landscapes to portraits!

At Sargah, we provide an eclectic selection of oil paintings crafted with different techniques to perfection. Sargah offers an exclusive range of paintings, from abstract oil paintings to landscapes.


  • What happens if the artwork arrives damaged?

If your oil painting art arrives damaged, you can return it to us. Sargah has a 30 days refund or return policy from the delivery date. However, we will not offer a return or exchange after 30 days.

  • How to pack the Indian oil painting?

When we send you the painting, we pack it in an MDF box with bubble wrap and brown paper or a buttered sheet. So, you can use the following steps to pack the painting:

  1.  To begin with, put your brown paper or the butter sheet on the front of your painting. However, do not put any tape on it or touch it with your bare hands.
  2.  When the painting is covered in sheets, you will have to wrap your painting in bubble wrap. Make sure to wrap the corner of the frame as well.
  3.  Now, tape the bubble wrap and put the painting back in the MDF box in which it arrived. In the end, seal the box with tape.
  4.  Our delivery agent will pick it up from your place.
  • How to preserve the artwork and avoid damage?

To keep your artwork safe, avoid keeping it in direct sunlight and always dust your painting rather than cleaning it. Be mindful and frame your artwork with glass and acrylic plexiglass as and when required.

  • What is the difference between oil painting on panels and canvas?

The main difference between an oil painting on canvas and a panel is their textures. When it comes to oil painting on panels, there is no visible texture before priming. But the texture is distinctly seen on canvas.

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