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About Indian Art Style

Vibrant, historical, and versatile perfectly define the Indian Art Style!

India is full of conventional crafts and arts that perfectly depict its traditional vibrancy. Every state in India offers its unique art style and pattern, known commonly as folk art. Although folk art is more traditional and related to heritage, it is not just limited to canvas paintings. You can find it on vases, sculptures, and other pieces.

As much as Indian art seems like traditional art, it is versatile and can fit any corner or room in your home. Therefore, buy art online in India and internationally today with Sargah and give your blank walls a lively feel.

History of Indian Art Style

Indian art style finds its way back owing to the rich heritage of India!

Originating around 3500 BCE, the Indian art style is influenced majorly by the religion and culture of the country. In the ancient period, archaeologists found evidence of prehistoric rock art with carvings on the rocks of caves.

Indian art was believed to be more influenced by the advancements in culture and science roughly around 3200 BCE. However, religious artists started creating sculptures with bronze and stone in the 6th century BCE.

After that, in the 15th century CE, a turning point came in the history of the Indian art style when western influence came into effect. However, after independence, wars, invasions, and struggle, the Indian art style transformed and changed. This changeover and its journey have been showcased in different forms.

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What Makes Indian Art So Special?

The Indian Art style is all about preserving heritage and history!

Indian paintings have distinct, enchanting, and vivid traits. This is what makes them stand out and have an audience across multiple countries. India has been depicting its customs and traditions through various visual mediums. Indian art has come up a long way today since the age of rock shelters.

A profound connection with history

Indian art to still preserve its history by remaining untouched by modernization. Indian art is gaining immense popularity because of its connection to culture and spirituality. If you are also passionate about history, explore all the Indian paintings for sale and book your orders today.

Multipurpose and Multifaceted

Indian paintings are not only about traditional setups but offer a lot of versatility. You can place an Indian art painting in your living room, bedroom, and even outdoor settings to give it a more vibrant and colourful look.

A Wide Variety

Indian artwork in itself offers immense variety! If you want something traditional, you can go for Madhubani paintings. For something more geometrical, you can go for Mandala paintings. So, do not forget to check out our beautiful Indian paintings collection to choose a composition that suits your style.

Different Indian Artwork Styles

From abstracts to portraits, Indian artwork is quite diverse!

Indian artwork is not restricted to a single category or technique. It is generally known for its variation and diversity. Some of the most popular Indian art and painting styles include:

Warli Painting

An art of Maharashtra, Warli paintings beautifully portray scenes from the cultural and social lives of local tribes. Discovered in the 1970s, the style of Indian art generally features a Palghat and their Mother Goddess. In this type of artwork, you may also notice repeated circular patterns that illustrate people’s belief that death is simply another start.

Madhubani Painting

These paintings are all about distinct patterns, bright colours and contrasts. Also famous as Mithila art, the Madhubani painting style is one of the most enjoyed styles that feature eye-catching symbolic images, geometrical patterns, and an element of mythology.

Mandala Paintings

The Mandala word means discord or circle and is derived from the Sanskrit language. These paintings generally feature geometric designs that have played a vital part in Hindu culture. Artists have portrayed different natural phenomena like spiritual growth, repetitiveness and rebirth in these paintings.

Why Should You Buy Indian Art Online From Sargah?

Add a charm and breathe new life into the walls of your living room with authentic Indian paintings!

World Wide Shipping

Get your selected art delivered to your doorstep!

At Sargah, we allow you to order from all over the world and deliver your chosen Indian artwork to your doorstep. We pack your artwork safely and provide home delivery in only 10-15 days.

Ensured Quality Products

Delivering premium-quality artwork for all art lovers!

Artists at Sargah give their all to provide you with authentic Indian paintings on canvas.  We make sure to use the appropriate techniques and methods in our artwork. And only offer quality products.

Extensive Range of Categories

Sargah has got something for everyone!

Whether you want abstracts, beautiful landscapes, mythological images, or simply portraits, Sargah has everything you need. Explore the types of Indian paintings and choose the one that matches your taste.


  • Where is your gallery located?

Our gallery is located online and has a team of artists across the nation.

  • How long will it take for my artwork to arrive?

It will take almost 10-15 days for your artwork to arrive. However, it may take more time because of unforeseen circumstances or if you wish to get it shipped internationally.

  • Can I commission artwork of a specific size/colour?

Yes, we customise artwork as per your requirements or size and colour specifications.

  • How to buy art online in India?

To buy art online, all you have to do is to choose the artwork that fits your requirements. Add it to your cart and check out by paying for it.

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