Acrylic Paintings For Sale

Acrylic Paintings For Sale

About Acrylic Paintings

A perfect representation of the density of oil paints and the brilliance of watercolours in a single painting!

Commercially launched in the 1960s, Acrylic paints have gained immense popularity among artists primarily because of their desirable characteristics. Acrylics dry faster than other watercolours along with the pigment density of oil paint.

Moreover, because of their less sensitivity to heat and other forces, an acrylic painting is perfect for your living room as well as your outdoor spaces.

Acrylic paint art is even better for artists and customers who are more health conscious and wish to save themselves from inhaling the fumes of the paint or the chemicals used in paints.

Give your home a more aesthetically appealing and modern look by getting an acrylic painting for your living room or bedroom.

Add a vibrant edge to your room with a colorful acrylic painting! Explore the range of all the beautiful acrylic paintings on canvas available and order to get it delivered!


History of Acrylic Paint Art

From the 19th Century to Today, Acrylic Paintings have come a long way!

Originating in the 19th century a German Chemist named Otto Rohm brought the potential of acrylics into the light. In the later years, this potential of acrylics was used by Bocour Artists Colours, Inc in paints who later developed a range of paints in turpentine solution that was mixed with oils and used.

Further, different colourists and artists like Mark Rothko and Kenneth Noland, Lichtenstein, and Barnett Newman started experimenting with Acrylics. By the 1950s and 1960s, Acrylics became a lot more popular among artists and they started using them in their paintings.

Later on, when artists were exploring new forms of art like Pop culture, Acrylics started to come into the artistic scene. They become a part of pop art, photorealism, pop culture, and abstract expressionism.

Although acrylics arrived a bit late, acrylic painting on canvas influenced the art forms and movement in the 20th century. There are limitless creative vistas that an artist can explore because of the versatility and flexibility of acrylic paint.

Created and crafted by renowned artists with a more aesthetically appealing approach, we offer an extensive range of acrylic paintings for sale.


What Makes Acrylic Painting on Canvas So Special?

The idea that was generated as a kindergarten classroom has now become a professional medium for painting!

Despite their rough start in the industry, Acrylic paintings have become a professional medium for a lot of renowned artists and there are multiple reasons for it.

  • Require Simple Tools: Even to portray the most creative acrylic painting, all you need is some simple tools. A surface, paint, brushes, and water is all you need to get started working on your acrylic canvas painting ideas.
  • Suits Anywhere: Acrylic paints are less health hazardous especially when it comes to chemicals. Therefore, such paintings are suitable for any room. So, whether you are looking for an acrylic painting for your living room or your bedroom, these paintings will look good everywhere.
  • Affordable Option: If you are looking for a painting that suits your pocket as well as your room, acrylic painting is it! When it comes to the price, Acrylic painting on canvas price is much cheaper than any other art medium or style like MadhubaniTanjore, where the artist uses natural colours to paint.


Different Acrylic Painting Techniques

Acrylics are known to behave as you treat them!

At Sargah, we use different techniques to craft beautiful acrylic paintings for you. From stippling to dabbing to dry brush, Sargah uses anything to paint the creative mindsets of its artists.

  • Washing: To give the effect of watercolour painting, the paint is diluted with water. This creates a translucent wash finish that everyone is attracted to!
  • Stippling: Keeping the traditional methods alive, we use Stippling to create landscape acrylic painting on canvas in which we use a brush and create a resemblance of points with different pressures.
  • Dry Brush: For more textured, pigmented and sharp colour strokes, the artist uses a dry brush while painting.
  •  Dabbing: As the name suggests, a simple dabbing approach is followed in this method. Here, a paper towel or a cellulose sponge is used to create dabbing motions on the canvas and acrylic painting on the canvas.
  •  Splattering: To give the painting an abstract landscape or added textures, all we do is use a wet brush to splatter the pigment.

Why Should You Buy Handmade Acrylic Painting from Sargah?

Add an artistic edge to your boring walls with beautiful acrylic paintings from Sargah!

Extensive Range

Explore Sargah’s acrylic paintings for sale and choose one that fits your taste!

Sargah has something for everyone. With an extensive range of paintings built with different techniques and aesthetics, you will certainly get something for your home here.

Affordable Options

Options that seem good for your heart and pockets!

At Sargah, we have kept the prices minimal so that every art lover can have their favourite painting in their home. Moreover, these paintings are original artwork created by professional artists. Check out the acrylic painting on canvas price and book your orders with us today to get your paintings delivered to your home.

Worldwide Shipping

Get your paintings delivered anywhere in the world!

Choose an artwork that appeals to you and book an order online from anywhere in the world. At Sargah, we are delivering artwork worldwide to all art lovers.



  • How can I buy art from your online gallery?

To buy products from our online gallery, visit the website and explore our range of acrylic canvas painting ideas. Book the painting that seems right for your purpose and check out the payment page. The painting will be delivered to your home.

  • How can I pay for selected artworks?

Yes, we ship worldwide. However, please make sure to check the pin code availability and shipping charges before checking out.

  • Why should I get an acrylic painting for my home?

Acrylic paintings are more durable as they are heat resistant. At the same time, acrylic paintings are cheaper than oil paintings. So, even with your budget, you can decorate your home or office walls with these interesting paintings.

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